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 All about Victis Honor.

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All about Victis Honor. Empty
PostSubject: All about Victis Honor.   All about Victis Honor. EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 8:59 am

Victis Honor is an Alliance World of Warcraft Guild on Ghostlands server founded by and designed for folks associated with Hill Air Force Base and the local community. The name is Latin for: "Honor to the Vanquished" and serves to recognize fallen servicemembers.

We are a casual/social guild dedicated to enjoying the game without the pressures associated with hardcore progression.

We accept everyone from the greenest noob, to the most accomplished raiders. Officers, enlisted, spouces, dependents, civil service employees, contractors, and Hill AFB alumni are all welcome here. Members of the local community that are friendly to Hill and the military lifestyle are welcome as well. Smile

Deployments, TDY's, exercises, and PCS's are not a problem. In the case of a PCS, members are welcome to stay as an Alumni member.

Our goal is to provide a close knit group of players that enjoy each others company during the most mundane of rep grinds or the most challenging of raids. We also aim to have out-of-game get togethers for BBQ's and luncheons etc.

Welcome, and Thanks!

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All about Victis Honor. Empty
PostSubject: Re: All about Victis Honor.   All about Victis Honor. EmptyFri Sep 11, 2009 1:08 am

very nice
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All about Victis Honor.
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