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 Heroic Utgard Keep

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Heroic Utgard Keep Empty
PostSubject: Heroic Utgard Keep   Heroic Utgard Keep EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 8:59 am

November 9th, Thegeneral, Firebark, Cptyossarian and Shinzzon ran Heroic Utgard Keep! (We picked up a fifth via looking for group channel.)
Everything went pretty smooth and it was a lot of fun. No wipes, no drama.

Speaking of heroics, here's a tip if there is anybody that is not already aware: Some phat lewt can be gained from faction quartermasters Wyrmrest, Argent, Kirin Tor etc. However, you must be exalted to get the best stuff. Wearing a faction's tabard in a heroic gains you rep with that tabard. So, if anybody wants the red Wyrmrest drake, (I'm looking at you Yossa) just run heroics while wearing the Wyrmrest tabard. Smile
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Heroic Utgard Keep
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